Best practise when dynamically updating sketch November 30    1

I am currently working on a project that uses an Arduino Mega 2560 board along with the Arduino GSM shield to connect to the internet and send/receive SMS messages.As part of my project, I want to be able to update the software that I am running dyna

Interrupt on Analog PortESP8266 w/ Arduino November 30    2

Interrupt on Analog PortESP8266 w/ Arduino
I'm trying to implement interrupts in my program. It essentially is constantly reading a photo-resistor and if it exceeds a certain threshold, we should send an update to our database. I'm s ...

ATmega 8 wrong timing with Arduino NG bootloader November 30    1

I have build simple Arduino ISP programmer, which works fine on ATmega 328 chips (when I select Arduino UNO board) and a ton of others (tiny45, tiny2313). But, when I want to program an ATmega8 chip, it writes it succesfuly, but then the chip runs at

Sharing used GPIO pins November 30    1

Sharing used GPIO pins
I have a question regarding the ARDuino uno and some shields. I currently have a shield on my Uno, which takes the pins 0 to 7. However, on top of that board there is an extension of those 8 ...

Using embedXcode with Adafruit Trinket November 30

I'm trying to get set up to develop for the Adafruit Trinket on a Mac running the OS X El Capitan beta (10.11.2 beta) with Xcode and embedXcode. I've got the Arduino IDE downloaded from installed as /Applications/ I'm able to

Generating a 38 KHz signal without timers November 30    3

I am currently trying to generate a 38 KHz signal for my TSOP4838 ( with an ATtiny84A.I know the real thing would be to utilize a timer but the ATtiny only has 2 Timers (T0 and T1). Timer1 can not be used b

Choosing a proper sampling time for a PID controller November 30

I have a robotic system I'm controlling with Arduino, is there an heuristic way to determine a proper sampling time for my PID controller? Considering I have some other things to compute on my sketch that require time, but of course a good sampling t

are 3 connections necessary for a push button November 30    2

are 3 connections necessary for a push button
I'm referring to the 5th circuit of the sparkfun manual came with the arduino uno. Instead of connecting all three of the (+) (-) and the digital pin to each push button, can I just connect ...

RFduino communication capabilities November 30    1

Is there any way to connect RFduino's via radio frequency? Or any capability to transmit information between RFduino's for distances up to 200 feet?I would like to purchase a dev kit (for RF duino) but i'm not sure what parts I will need to transmit

How to get started November 30    1

I'm a guy who loves the tech world, but more in particular the Robotic one. I wanna start developing/making my first creations of robots or sort of. I won a little board from Texas Instrument from the Maker Faire here in Rome, but I don't really know

What is Arduino Uno default sketch November 30    1

When I bought my aruino uno and connected it to my computer, I tried to make the simple blink circuit(before programming arduino) and suddenly the led started blinking.Is the blink example is the defualt arduino sketch ?I am sure that I didn't upload

How do I control 4 LEDs with 2 Digital Outputs November 30    1

How do I control 4 LEDs with 2 Digital Outputs
In an effort to learn about transistors that seemed easy enough. But I can't get it to work in practiceCan I control 4 LEDs with just 2 digital outputs (High, Low). So I figured I would use ...

UART Software SerialSyncing two sensors to make a tx and rx beacon November 30    2

UART Software SerialSyncing two sensors to make a tx and rx beacon
ProblemI've been trying to a create a receiver and transmitter beacon for a following robot, but have not been able to sync my two SRF02s to one another. Any advice?Code#include <Software ...

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