PHP PDF library for use with Large complex files November 30

I am looking for recommendations for a PHP PDF library that is quick to render and can work with complex files. My application is written using the Cake framework. One of our component software packages use mPDF and the way it's configured (maybe the

Python email module for human beings November 30    1

Is there an alternative email module in Python?Like requests is a "HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings"Handling unicode mails with the email module from the standard library is no fun.I think you might be looking for pyzmail - from

Painting library for wpf November 30

Painting library for wpf
I am working on a painting app in wpf. I implemented several features such as painting with images:This is done by just drawing Image controls onto a canvas on mouse move, and rasterizing th ...

Where to start building simple database to streamline analysis for community organization November 30    4

Where to start building simple database to streamline analysis for community organization
I work for a research organization in India and have recently taken up with a program extending immunizations among poor rural communities. They're a fairly large organization but don't real ...

Doubly linked list visualization November 30

Doubly linked list visualization
So, I was coding a doubly linked list & wanted to swap two adjacent nodes.I was coding things like node->next = node->next->next and node->next->prev = node and it wasn't ...

Subversion client for Windows November 30    3

I'm looking for a recommended Subversion client.The requirements are:User-friendly to be used.More than 4 people to use it.If any possible that the application is free to use.In our case, we do not have a server at home so we would like the work to b

Real Time View of HTML/CSS/Java/Python November 30    3

I am looking for an editor that can show me real time views of HTML, CSS, Python and Java so I can edit my code and see the changes as I go. Is there any such program? Uploading the rewritten code to a web server every time is a pain.I am going to ta

Physical Asset Management for Medium Sized School November 30

I'm looking for recommendations for a physical asset management solution for a medium sized school to keep track of computers, projectors, smart boards, etc.Musts:Barcoding/scanning (typing in serial numbers is horrible, especially during a full audi

Plugins/Tools for Volunteer Data Management Site November 30

I am building a volunteer management site. Here is a rough sketch of the areas:1.) An area for volunteers and prospective volunteers to search for volunteer opportunities and discover organizations in need of volunteers2.) An area for organizations t

Database solution for long term (horizontal) scalability November 30    1

It is well recognized that at very large scale (tera to peta and over bytes of data), column stores or something specifically custom-built are the default choices.What are off-the-shelf SQL based choices before one gets to petabyte scale? In particul

Bill of materials service November 30

I'm looking for flexible and free software for open hardware BOMs.Key critical features that I need:Possibility to save alternatives for each part (another model or material)Possibility to save alternative suppliers for each part (at least name, url,

HTML Scraper which can handle AJAX November 30    1

I want to scrape data from a website which has a text field and a button, on click of the button and according to the data in the text field a dynamic table is generated through AJAX.I have used Jsoup for simple scraping but after researching found o

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